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We’re using artificial intelligence to personalize medical decision-making

What We Do

We’re transforming every aspect of medical decision-making to bring personalized, data-driven medicine to clinicians and directly to patients. Our aim is to discover previously unknown evidence to prevent disease onset, improve the precision of diagnosis and identify individualized treatment protocols to help clinicians make personalized medical recommendations and help people make better decisions about their health.

Our Platform

Flow Health makes precision medicine possible by applying deep learning to massive amounts of clinical, genomic and patient-generated data to uncover hidden patterns.  We work hand in hand with clinical partners to personalize medical decision-making.

Person-Centered Data

We unify structured and unstructured health data from multiple sources into a central person-centered data store.

Data Integration

Data is integrated into our graph-based data model with dynamic ontologies, categorized and organized around relationships with people, places, things and events.

Decision Automation

We are applying deep learning to personalize medical decision making from diagnosis to treatment and management of diseases.

Open & Interoperable

Our platform enables true interoperability where data and workflows seamlessly extend from one application to another.

Flow Health – The Operating System for Precision Medicine

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Artificial intelligence will bring unmatched benefits to healthcare. Using deep learning to analyze medical data will help us dramatically improve detection, diagnosis, treatment — and prevention — of disease.

Our goal is to deliver precision medicine at scale so that every person can receive the highest quality individualized care.  

We’re just getting started. We’re working with some of the largest and most respected healthcare organizations. If you’re interested in joining us, whether you’re a medical institution, pharmaceutical company or device manufacturer — or a talented engineer or data scientist — drop us a note.

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