Bringing Artificial Intelligence to the Veterans Health Administration

We’re excited to announce Flow Health’s five-year partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs to develop a knowledge graph of medicine and genomics with deep learning to personalize medical decisionmaking.

Our team deeply appreciates the opportunity to lead an effort to bring the benefits of artificial intelligence to the nine million veterans who receive their care at the Veterans Health Administration.

The VA is uniquely positioned as the largest healthcare organization in the country to have longitudinal clinical data on millions of people.

As part of our collaboration, we are integrating data from all of the different silos within the VA to build a central cloud-based data repository for veterans’ health information. After de-identifying the data, Flow Health will apply machine learning methods to build a knowledge graph from the co-occurrence of relationships in the health data. This knowledge graph will serve as the foundation for future scientific research and clinical decision support to personalize medical decisions.

The ultimate goal is to help VA clinicians select the best diagnostic and treatment pathways for each of their patients, and then to automate the implementation of each personalized care plan.

Building world-class solutions that support our nation’s veterans is one of the most important things we can do. We are delighted to have this opportunity.

If you are a health care organization and want to learn more about how our work can help you and your patients, or if you are excited by the promise and think you may want to join us, please contact us. Your partnership will help us all deliver on the promise.

The Flow Health Team

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