The Era of Value-Based Care: The Role of Digital Patient Check-In

By: Alex Meshkin

Kiosk and digital check-in processes are making their way from the airport lobby to your doctor’s office. But the benefits of digital check-in at the doctor’s office goes beyond the shorter wait times. Digital check-in has the power to reduce medical errors, lower labor costs for the provider, and reduce time spent charting.

In short, digital check-in can play a critical role in value-based care.

As we move from a volume focused health system to a value-based system, assessing the patient’s current conditions and early identification of potential conditions will become a critical aspect of value-based care models. Imagine going to the doctor, whether in-person or virtually, and prior to your encounter, you conduct a self-service clinical interview where the system goes way beyond common screening questions and is smart enough to ask highly personalized questions to help you express your current health status and to help identify at-risk areas where you may not even be aware of a looming problem. This is the future role of digital check-in.

At Flow Health, we built Patient Check-In, an iPad-based kiosk for self-service check-in. Patient Check-In automates your check-in at physician offices, urgent care centers and the emergency department. Patient Check-In replaces the “medical clipboard” (pre-visit forms) and embeds personalized questionnaires to help providers diagnose and monitor patients.

Patient Check-In is a ready-to-use app built on top of our Operating System for Value-Based Care. Like all Flow Health Apps, Patient Check-In uses our single global identifier that allows patients to have a single account they can use at all of their providers. This means electronic forms are pre-populated with data so the patient simply verifies the information – instead of answering redundant questions.

Patient-provided answers via questionnaires are mapped into structured and coded data that deliver actionable information not only for rapid and intelligent triage and treatment of the patient, but also for population health, quality measures and risk adjustment. Patient Check-In pre-populates the encounter note with the chief complaint, review of systems, history of present illness, a reconciled medication list, updated problems and other medical history to streamline clinical documentation.

In addition, we employ machine learning to personalize pre-visit assessments and screenings. As we continue to scale, our system is continually learning and will serve as an important decision support aid at the point of care, and be a source of data that will drive clinical decision making and payer-driven administrative functions, like pre-authorizations.  

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