#LetDoctorsBeDoctors – We Couldn’t Agree More

It is a commonplace that physicians are dissatisfied with electronic health records.

The questions before us are: What is the problem, exactly, and How do we fix it?

Computer healthThe problem includes: the need for 4,000 clicks on EHR screens in the course of a typical physician workday, and the lack of widespread use of networked, efficient data sharing and analytics “under the hood.”

The fix? It could be regulatory or legislative, or it could be the immediate adoption of tools designed to unlock EHR data – and combine it seamlessly with data from other EHR systems, from payers, from patients and their devices and apps – and provide a vastly improved user experience to clinicians and patients. A leading industry observer recently called our operating system for value-based carean elegant and scalable solution for integration of health data siloed in diverse sources and systems — one of healthcare’s most intransigent problems.”

The improved experience that we offer has at least two dimensions: better user interface and better information created by networking together data from across different silos in an intelligent manner. This allows health care providers and patients to free themselves from the tyranny of the computer screen, and allows them to realize the full potential of the value-based care system that is the future of healthcare. By using up-to-the-minute tools for sharing information and communicating with each other and with broader care teams, clinicians and patients are empowered to manage care and improve health rather than being limited to generating and reading documentation of in-office visits.

Let doctors be doctors – and let patients be people.

Contact us to learn more, and to empower physicians to use an interface layer that plays nice with EHRs — and with humans.

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