Beyond Interoperability

If interoperability is the answer, then we’re asking the wrong question.

We don’t want to be on the road to interoperability, following a government roadmap over 150 pages long, for the next ten years.

FHWe don’t really need a record locator service, or (as Meaningful Use Stage 3 would have it) a means to export or import a clinical note from or to a siloed record.

As defined in the marketplace and by the regulators to date, those solutions equal interoperability – but that is not what patients and providers want. Congress doesn’t think that the marketplace has created the interoperability it thought it was mandating in the HITECH Act.

The Meaningful Use Stage 3 regulation gets closer when it adds APIs to the mechanisms for getting data into and out of siloed EHRs.

The right question is: How do we ensure that patients, clinicians and caregivers all have read and write access to a patient’s longitudinal health record in real time? More generically, how do we ensure that the right information gets to the right person at the right time?

Information is more than bits of data (an imported note sitting next to a native note); it includes a framework that allows patients and their care teams to make sense of the data, and to act based on the synthesized information.

The answer to this question is not interoperability.

Some describe the answer as one record to rule them all, or a 3rd Platform EHR, and expect that it may be a few years away.

IDC describes the 3rd Platform EHR as

characterized by ease of access, and ubiquitously available applications that can be securely accessed from multiple endpoint devices, coupled with the use of commodity infrastructure available from service providers through software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and analytics-as-a-service offerings, among other constructs.

It isn’t a few years away. It’s available now.

Flow Health.

Today, Flow Health ties in to existing EHRs and creates a 3rd Platform EHR that includes a cloud-hosted patient-centered longitudinal health record accessible through patient and provider apps, and provides services including Chronic Care Management services – and enables others to provide services – built on top of that layer. We think of it as The Operating System for Value-Based Care.

Are you a medical group, a hospital, a health system, an ACO, a health plan searching for a 3rd Platform EHR that will enable you to be transformational?

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